Entering any building or room begins with a door, and at first sight, this item seams to feature no specific functionality only delimitating the space of rooms. As a matter of fact, the door is a very important element of any building that protects us against fire, noise, moisture and unauthorized entry, while being also an integral part of the building's interior. Severe requirements may be imposed even upon the most unsophisticated door, should it be installed in an area of high traffic flow, and should the door provide for protection, then only a reliable and proved company as Schoerghuber may be entrusted with manufacture of such doors.

Thanks to a wide range of its products, the Schoerghuber Company dominates the field of special doors manufacture, in Germany and Europe. However, much attention is paid by the Company to common doors, as well. Schoerghuber's interior doors feature high-quality characteristics, freezes of glued veneer and hardwood timber are used in door construction, all along the leaf's perimeter, which provides for stiffness of the structure that is able to withstand continuous heavy load.

The catalogue of external surfaces that includes a huge choice of laminated surfaces and wood veneer of diverse species of wood will satisfy any buyer, designer, and architect and will enable choosing an optimum solution in respect of appearance and value. In terms of door reliability, door furniture is of great importance. The Schoerghuber Company cooperates with leading European manufacturers of handles, hinges, doors, and door closers, among them Dorma, Geze, Eco, Simonswerk, BKS, and others. On request, the door may be prepared for the said furniture.

Doors may feature a single and two leafs with and without a fanlight, with glazing and panels as well as concealed hinges and door closers. The list of door furniture is very long, which enables the Customer to obtain the full range of doors from one manufacturer.