In 1962, the Schoerghuber Company has invented a wooden fire-protection door. Ever since Schoerghuber has been the leading company in manufacture of special doors for any facilities, which doors may exercise several functionsat a time: fire-protection, smoke-and-gas protection, and sound insulation. However, the door appearance remainsaesthetically pleasing, and the manufacturer maycomply with all essentialrequirements to structure design.

Wooden fire-protection doors may be partly or fully glazed, and feature, in particular, frameless fire-protection partition walls with an integrated door.

In terms of fire-resistance classes, fire-protection doors are divided into several types:

Solid doors                                                  Glazed doors and partition walls

-EI30                                                                                     -EI30

-EI60                                                                                     -EI60

-EI90                                                                                     -EI90


Fire-protection doors must be fitted with door closers, handles, and locks certified for the doors of this type. On escape routes, a panic system may be complete with a knob-lever handle or a panic bar.

To provide for the access control system's functionality, Schoerghuber fire doors are fitted with a built-in electric lock, latch contact, magnetic contact, and other devices.

Should a smoke-and-gas protection door be installed, then an automatic retractable threshold of Schall-EX type is built in the leaf.

Notwithstanding that the door combines severe protection characteristics, the appearance thereof remainsaesthetically pleasing and allows being integrated into the existing building design. As finishing material is used paint-and-lacquer coating, decorative HPL-laminated plastic or veneer of diverse species of wood in accordance with the design specified.

The quality of products manufactured is controlled at all stages of production. Schoerghuber doors are subject to independent TUV Product Service quality control system and comply with DIN EN ISO 9001 Quality Standard.