The X-ray radiation exercises effects on all living organisms, and depending on the dose, it can cause serious diseases. That is why of great importance is quality protection of medical staff and patients against scattered X-ray radiation, while providing X-ray examination in healthcare facilities.

The Schoerghuber X-ray protection doors' design provides for continuous radiation protection over the whole area of a door opening, in particular, where the door frame is adjacent to premise walls' surface. Sheet lead is used as X-ray protection material in the door construction. The Schoerghuber X-ray protection doors provide for a factor of attenuation of X-ray radiation equivalent to 1.0 to 4.0 mm Pb. Special hinges are designed for a great leaf weight.

As an additional option, doors may be provided with glazing.

The Schoerghuber doors featuring severe protective properties remain an aesthetically pleasing solution to provide protection in healthcare facilities, which ensures a comfortable environment for staff and patients.

All products carry a certificate of compliance according to Russian Federation legislation.