Essentially, every door may be designated as sound-insulation door. Any door represents a room partition with one of its main function being sound-insulation. Noise level measured in decibels (dB) equals to approximately 20 dB in residential facilities. Any Schoerghuber solid door, with tubular or solid chipboard filling can provide for such sound-insulation.        

Should any requirements be imposed in terms of additional sound-insulation in a building (a hotel, school, hospital, and the like), then special sound-insulation Schoerghuber doors must be installed, which provide 32, 37, 42, and 50 dB sound-insulation. Enhanced sound-insulation properties are reached due to special door design:

1)Special sound-insulation wooden chipboard

 2)Glued-wood leaf reinforcement

 3)Solid-wood friezes

 4)Wood-veneer or HPL finish

 5)High-strength HDF wood-fiber board 

The Schoerghuber sound-insulation doors are manufactured with one or two leafs, with a single or double rebate combined with a wooden or steel frame sealed on rabbet ledges. To reach the required sound-insulation, the Schoerghuber doors are fitted with one or two Schall-Ex automatic guillotine-type thresholds. In doing so, it is possible to provide the door with additional protection properties, among them fire-, burglar-protection, and the like.

The range of colors and diverse textures of finishing materials used in manufacture of sound-insulation doors make it possible to implement the most sophisticated design solutions. The leaf features standard thickness of 42 to 91mm, while door dimensions allow integrating it into very diverse openings.

Sound-insulation properties of the door set are certified along with those of the door frame, which evidences the high quality of Schoerghuber products as compared to other manufactures.