In the recent years, more and more industries emerge in which production process imposes severe clean-room requirements. The clean room is called an artificially created environment, where concentration of aerosol particles, microorganisms and dust is controlled. Clean rooms are of particular importance in medical industry - in surgery blocks, maternity departments, and intensive-care units. By using clean rooms, the risk of post-operative infection diseases is significantly reduced, which is critical for the life and health of patients.

To provide for a clean room, the method is applied that produces excess pressure in respect of adjacent rooms. Accordingly, an important role, while creating clean rooms, play reliable, hermetically sealed doors that meet all essential requirements. Such doors are produced by the Dutch Company Metaflex. The Metaflex Company has been involved for more than 30 years in designing and manufacturing special doors and automatic equipment and offers to its customers the following products:

1) Hermetically sealed doors Metaficient or Medicare are an ideal solution for clean rooms and surgery blocks that allows maintaining excess pressure up to 100Pa. Smooth surface is easily cleaned with detergents and is suitable for rooms which are subject to severe requirements.

Hermetically sealed doors are also used in refrigerating chambers. The door's perfect hermetic sealing helps maintaining the preset room temperature, which positively influences energy consumption.

2) An all-glass sealed door is suitable where the door's hermetic sealing is to be combined with a wide view. As a result, personnel can freely observe, without entering the room, what is happening, e.g. in a probationary ward.

3) The X-ray-protection doors are a required element in rooms, where radiation-protection is necessary. Optionally, the doors may be fitted with a window with special X-ray-protection glass.

The Metaflex program also comprises thermal-, smoke- and fire-protection doors. All doors may feature 1- or 2-leaf-design, with manual opening or SDA-04 automatic equipment; the gateway-mode option may be included.

The Metaflex Company takes care not only of medical personnel, but also of patients – the new Imagine series surface modification will help creating a favorable atmosphere both for physicians and patients. The surface features antibacterial and shock-resistant properties. An individual image may be manufactured. The Touch-Screen display may be installed for convenience and automatic door control, which allows controlling room access, door position, climatic data, patient factors, and much more.

The sliding Metaflex doors' advantage: hermetic sealing, decrease in post-operative diseases, provision of room access control, and energy efficiency.

Besides the medical industry, the Metaflex doors for clean rooms are demanded in the electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and microbiological industry.

We are looking forward to help you in selecting a suitable product and implementing the project!