The ООО RS Trade Company offers high-quality furniture of famous global brands. In our catalogues, you will find a wide range of door furniture for your project. We are willing to offer you diverse locks, handles, hinges, electrical and mechanical door closers and other accessories, at an attractive price. The high quality our suppliers provide guarantees long-lasting defect-free performance of door furniture and therefore of the entire door structure, in general.

Door closers by Dorma, Geze, Eco and other companies

We offer door closers with projecting arm and slide rail, concealed closers, door closers with electromagnets as well as automatic drive-closers for hinged and folding doors.

The wide range of door closers allows making the right choice in terms of force, functionality and price



Locks by Eff-Eff, Nemef, BKS, Eco and other companies


Depending on functionality, we will select for you a common mechanical lock, a fire-resistant lock, an electromechanical lock, a lock with panic-function or a multiple bolting to increase the door's attack-resistance.




Door handles by FSB, Eco, Ogro, Hoppe, Basi and other companies.

In our catalogues, you can select handles in terms of form, color and functionality for your project.

We offer facility handles for common rooms, fire-resistant handles, panic bars, handles for sanitary facilities and entry doors – pulls.




We are willing to offer you diverse devices to monitor and control access on site, and other accessories:


-electric latches

-bolt contacts

-magnet contacts

-automatic thresholds

-profile cylinders

And much more other items.

For more detailed information on furniture please consult our specialists or the Catalogues section.