The multifunctional property of modern buildings implies being outfitted with high-tech equipment which will provide for reliable and failure-free operation of the whole building, and for comfort and security of visitors, accordingly. To such group of construction components are referred sectional and rolling doors as well as handling equipment.

Our Company being an authorized distributor of leading European distributers Hormann and Sterile offers to you the full range of equipment to furnish trade and office buildings, multi-building warehouses as well as industrial facilities.

Секционные ворота

Sectional gates are the most popular product in their class. The wide range of models allows selecting solid gates with a wicket, fully glazed gates with thermal insulation or a combined leaf option. Diverse types of guide rails make it possible to install the gate into any opening, while the use of energy-saving panels (with a coefficient of thermal insulation up to 0.48 W/m2) maintains the required room temperature. The gates are fitted with an electric drive featuring a control system that allows providing convenient control of gates with an option of connecting peripheral devices.



Рулонные воротаRolling gates made of high-strength profiles will provide for a reliable operation of your facility even if heavy used. Their simple design allows installing the rolling gates promptly and cost-effectively in your building. One-wall rolling gates are perfectly suited for the building interior, while the two-wall profile with filling is intended for rooms located outside a building, ranging from a small garage to an industrial dock. For sales areas and underground garages, we recommend installing either one-wall perforated profile or roller grilles. All gates are equipped with an electric drive and a control system with diverse options.



Скоростные воротаHigh-speed gatesfeature, first of all, high opening/closing speed of up to 2.5 m/s. High-speed gates are used as external and internal enclosure for sales, industrial and warehouse rooms and allow reducing the time of handling operations and  enhancing the efficiency of energy saving. For personnel convenience, a vision panel may be installed in the gates leaf. A unique system with underrun protection of flexible high-speed gates allows it to avoid additional costs due to repair. All gates are equipped with an electric drive and a control system with diverse options



Перегрузочная техника

Handling Equipment

Our Company offers the full range of equipment for handling operations: dock levelers, dock shelters, entry security cabins, bumpers, guides for wheels, and other accessories. Handling bridges are fitted with a control unit that allows it to adjust integrated operation of all components of the handling center.

For more details please consult our specialists or the Catalogues section. Our Company's specialists will help you selecting necessary equipment for your facilities, while trained erection crews will provide qualified erection on site.


The whole equipment list has been certified in Russia.