Steel doors are always identified with reliability, security and service durability. Steel doors, unlike any doors of other materials, are intended for a more severe operation environment. Steel doors are mostly used as building entrance doors, on escape roots or in technical rooms. Depending on design features and materials used in manufacture, steel doors may be divided into interior, multiple-function, fire-protection, burglar-protection and other doors. All those classes deserve being considered separately.

Interior doors

Interior doors, in addition to their main protective functions, are essential in room interior. The doors must match the existing room design and feature an appealing appearance.

Design ofinterior doors represents a sandwich-type structure, as shown in diagram.

The 40mm-tick door leaf with a three-sided thick rebate is manufactured of 0.6mm thick galvanized steel plates; the surface is coated with powder spray as per RAL scale, or a wood-grain film coating is applied thereto. Honeycomb cardboard core glued to door leaf walls provides for additional strength.

The frame is fitted with a sealing PVC profile on three sides, welded bottom parts of door hinges and dowel anchors for a brick/stone wall.

Off-the-shelf doors are fitted with a set of black-plastic knob-lever handles, an integrated lock prepared for the use of profile cylinder. As special fitting are offered sets of variously colored plastic handles as well as handles of aluminum and high-quality stainless steel.

In terms of material strength, thermal and sound insulation, interior doors feature the following characteristics:

- Climate category III;

- Stress group S;

- Thermal insulation coefficient U = 2.0 W/m2 °K (DIN 52619);

- Sound-insulation level of a door leaf, with internal honeycomb design, is 25 dB

Multiple-Function Doors

Multiple-finction doors of our suppliers have proved their reputation of stable, durable, weather-resistant and safe doors designed for internal and external use

Door leafs and frames are made of 0.8mm-thick galvanized steel with light-gray powder ground coating (on the model of RAL 9002). Door color may be selected as per RAL. The door leaf contains a mineral-fiber insulation inlay and is reinforced with steel.

Two structural hinges in compliance with DIN 18272 Standard.

As gasket is separately supplied an EPDM sealing profile. In case of a two-leaf door, its inactive leaf is fitted with a gasket.

The delivery set comprises:

- a warded mortise lock used both at the right and at the left;

- a set of black-plastic knob-lever handles;

- a warded key.

Multi-function doors feature good thermal and sound-insulation due to being sealed all along the door leaf's perimeter and panel.

To widen the range of multi-function doors appearance, there are offered additional options of their construction and fittings:

- glazing of a door with aluminum and stainless steel frame

- aluminum or plastic ventilation grill integrated into the door's bottom part;

- a door viewer with wide view angle;

-  a panic lock with profile cylinder opening, left/right, to consecutively open the bolt and the latch, or with a core divided in two parts;

- steel/aluminum threshold with seal;

- top door closer, etc.

Fire-Protection Doors

Fire-protection doors are designed to protect   against fire and smoke in a fire emergency, accordingly, while selecting a fire-protection door, greater attention must be paid to product workmanship. That is why our doors are certified according to state-of-the-art EN norms and provide warranty of high quality. A fire-protection door represents a durable and reliable structure, while numerous options of its complete set and additional functions ensure the diversity in any application area: both in construction of modern facilities and in diverse industries.Fire-resistant doors have undergone preliminary tests in a fire-protection laboratory, where highly sensitive devices precisely determine temperature load by measuring thermal resistance of fire-resistant doors. Fire-protection doors are also subject to tests for operational reliability. This provides for the safety of fire-protection doors in day-to-day operation, for many years.


The standard complete set of a fire-protection door comprises:


- a 64mm thick leaf made of up to 1.00mm galvanized steel plate with a three-sided thin or thick rebate that features EI30, EI60 and EI90 fire resistance class, at least.


- a corner frame (standard) of 2mm thick galvanized steel plate. Optionally, a corner, wrap-around or block frame may be supplied. Complete with the frame is supplied a three-sided EPDM seal.


The door leaf and frame are galvanized and primed light-grey. Any RAL color may be used for painting.


Hinges - one spring hinge; one structural hinge according to DIN 18272 standard


- mortise lock according to DIN 18250 with an opening prepared for profile cylinder;


- FS-set, black, with plate prepared for profile cylinder.


According to the Russian legislation, all fire-protection doors must be fitted with door closers. We offer door closers of such leading manufacturers as Dorma, Geze, and Eco, with projecting arm or slide rail.


Optionally, the door may be additionally fitted with panic lock, panic bar for escape routes, fire-resistant glazing, electric latch, magnetic contact, electrical strike, ventilation grill, and other accessories.


All doors have undergone fire-protection tests and carry a Russian certificate of compliance.

Fire-Protection Gates


Being professionals in manufacturing steel structures, our suppliers offer a wide product range to address diverse issues. One of those products is retractable and hinged fire-protection gates. Quality combined with an aesthetically pleasing appearance, high-quality materials and excellent functionality – all this features the innovative design of the gates intended for very large openings, in any field of application. Numerous design variants allow diversifying feasible architectural solutions.


Retractable fire-protection gates have 1, 2 or 3 leaf, which are opened on one side or in the middle, including telescopic opening. Combining EI30 to EI90 fire-resistance limits and mechanical or electrical opening, the gates comply with all technical requirements and feature an excellent design.


Gate leaf's structure consists of separate elements, which provides for convenience while transportation and mounting.


The whole retractable system, including guide rail, pull rope, and counterweight, is covered with decorative housing that matches the gate's color, so that perfect appearance is provided.


Due to precise adjustment in three planes, most diverse options of mounting are possible to be implemented either directly, or on ceiling, or by the means of wall brackets.


When opened, the gates are held by special magnets placed on the floor, on a wall or integrated into guide rails, depending on the type of gates. The gates control system is connected to the building's fire alarm, so that automatic closing is provided in case of fire.


On request, both retractable and hinged gates are fitted with wicket and hatch. The wicket has no threshold and is fitted with panic lock, closer, knob-lever handle and fire-protection glazing (optionally).


All gates have undergone fire-protection tests and carry a Russian certificate of compliance.


Burglar-Protection Doors


The steel burglar-protectiondoor combines features of a burglar-protection door and those of an integrated element of building interior (exterior). We recommend such doors both for being used externally and internally, to provide entrance into an apartment, a garage, or a utility room.


Cellar and side doors are often the "weak point" of the burglar protection. Our doors feature, in this respect too, the best fittings: two conical swinging bolts with two additional control locks and one latch are included in the closing frame-plate and provide for reliable door fixation. Due to three additional control locks, on hinge side, and three roller hinges, it is practically impossible to lift up and take the door off the hinges by means of a pry bar

The door wins over you thanks to its 40mm thick two-wall leaf with three-side thick rebate and steel plate on both sides (0.8mm). The door leaf's resistance is provided by a stiffness frame all around the perimeter. The three-side EPDM seal and double lip-type seal (incl. semicircular aluminum threshold as bottom closing element) guarantee reliable hermetic sealing. Accordingly, you can always rely on the door's functionality and integrity..

You and your family can sleep peacefully: the door is fitted with a set of diverse handles with burglar protection and anti-drilling protection and protection against being ripped out of its seat. Due to strong steel pins on hinge side, it is practically impossible to lift up the door. On hinge side and on opposite side of hinges, the door has been tested according to European DIN V ENV 1627 standard

According to European DIN V ENV 1627 standard, resistance degree of a burglar-protection door is subdivided in the following classes:


The occasional criminal tries to break with physical force a slammed and locked door, e.g. by kicking it, ramming it with shoulder, ripping it out, etc. 

Basic door resistance with low burglar resistance.


The occasional criminal tries to break with physical force a slammed and locked door, additionally using simple tools such as screwdriver, pliers and wedges. Tool kit А.     

Standard door resistance with normal burglar resistance.


The occasional criminal tries to break with physical force a slammed and locked door, additionally using a second screwdriver and a pry bar. Tool kit В.

Increased door resistance with increased burglar resistance.


The experienced criminal uses additional tools, a jigsaw and hitting tools, e.g. an axe, a grooving iron, a hammer and a chisel as well as a power drill.


Increased door resistance with increased burglar resistance.